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About keptenkeen:


I'm the Weird one your Momma told you to stay away from!! Obviously! I have not been serious since I can remember and I find that honor and respect go a long way to make me happy! Which is a state I visit often in my exploration of life!
No, really. I like women who like to use perfume such as Prince Machabelle (sp?) Skin Creme or Mrusk oil and have done much study to find one that works well with their skin. I like women who like to dress casual but not just throw something on! I like women who are girly girls but are sexual but not throwing themselves around. (remember honor and respect) I like a woman I feel proud to walk next to, not before or after, (I'm slow, but deliberate) otherwise I feel like I'm waiting for my partner to catch up (emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally). Been there done that? Well, check it out, My last partner died from a disease that was not to describe here, but to mention only that I walked alongside her proudly as we shared! That's what I'm into, sharing life (sorry it took me so many words to get to that revelation) living life together. I'm financially secure, able to travel (Which I love to do) and not one for games or abusive relationships. So, havingsaid that, I do not want a controller, but someone who can compromise and live in a win/win lifestyle.
Am considering moving from here to more northern climates to look for a new home in the woods or out of a city. So if youre the adventuring sort, let me know. I've spent 11 years recovering and I'm moving on... Want to join me? K...


  • Do you have any disability?: Mobility disability
  • Education: Bachelor degree
  • School: University of California
  • Job/Occupation: Counselor/ Jack of all Trades
  • Are you divorced?: Yes I am divorced
  • Do you want to get married?: I don't know
  • Would you relocate for love?: Yes, I would relocate for love
  • Do you have a pet?: Other
  • Do you have kids?: Yes
  • Do you want kids?: I don't know
  • Do you drink alchool?: No
  • Do you take drugs?: No
  • Religion: Spiritual Christian
  • Hobbies: Sex, RocknRoll, Exploring, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Movies, Gardening, carpentry, Antiques
  • Interests: Anything
  • Favorite movies: Kung Phoowey, Vin Diesel Movies, The Driver, Star Wars, Star Trek (new), Harry Potter, Fantasy, Comedy
  • Favorite books: Dan Browns, Dean R. Koontzs, Terry Goodkinds
  • Favorite music: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical
  • Favorite TV shows: blah, blah
  • Places you have travelled to: Aisia, Italy, Mexico, Baja California, Hawaii, Phillipine Is., Japan
  • Places you would like to travel to: Canada, Alaska
  • Favorite video games: Final Fantasy
  • Favorite board games: Cribbage, Yatzee
  • Favorite food: Chinese, French, Thai, Italian, Sushi
  • Sports you practice: Martial Arts
  • Sports you watch: Football, Baseball


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keptenkeen's interview

What do you do for a living?
I help others by running errands for them. Most are disabled and I also bring them a smile.

What are your greatest qualities?
Laughter is the key to living. I love it! Laughing at myself, jokes (as long as it's not at someones expense) and just plain life. Cynicism is a great attribute also

What are your worst flaws?
I'm cranky when I get a cold or virus.

What are your favorite hobbies?
Card games, Billiards, Dancing, Swimming, Walking, and Other types of exercise

What qualities are you looking for in a partner?
want to meet Blithe Spirit, who loves to smell good and is sensuous. I like a woman I feel proud to walk next to, not before or after, (I'm slow, but
deliberate) otherwise I feel like I'm waiting for my partner to catch up
(emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally).

What is the funniest message you have ever received on the net?
Pull over you're surfing too fast!

What is the secret to your beauty?
I smile in my sleep.

What is your biggest dream?
Now? It is to own my own home again!

What is love?
Attention, respect, communication and appreciation

If you were stranded on an island, what are the 3 things you would like to have with you?
You, me and food

What is your favorite pet?
a rock

If you won the lottery, what would you do?
Buy a homeless person a house
buy some land
buy me a new house

If you could be anyone, who would that be?

What would you like to say to the people visiting your profile?
Hi, pick me, pick me! ;-)

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